Weight Loss

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We employ the most advanced approaches to weight loss instead of using gimmicks or trendy diets to help you to lose weight naturally. Our special program, in combination with a highly regimented diet, is easy to maintain and has no undesirable side-effects. We emphasize ways to get fit and get results quickly—that will last!

Why Weight Loss Diet Plans Fail

That gorgeous dress hanging in the showcase of the shop lures you to buy it for yourself, but you are not in your true shape for that dress. So you start dieting to reduce the extra flab and get that slim figure. At the beginning, you lose weight. But after leaving the diet regimen you again start gaining weight. This is the most common and frustrating problem of dieting. There is a significant cause for the failure of diet plans. During the diet a person eats less and immediately his or her body receives a signal of starvation mode from the brain. The brain, through this signal, protects the body from losing weight to guard against starvation and death.

How starvation mode is triggered

The stored energy from fats, carbohydrates and proteins are used by different organs of our body. Glucose is used by the brain for its proper functioning, which it gets from the blood. Blood absorbs glucose from the food we eat. During dieting, the blood receives a lesser amount of glucose. To overcome the shortage of the glucose supply, the brain starts receiving glucose from the liver. This is the backup glucose stored in the liver as Glycogen and the brain finishes this within 3–4 days. After the brain uses the stored Glycogen, the body gets the signal to switch to starvation mode and subsequently prevent weight loss.

How dieting and starvation mode mechanism are interrelated

The moment the body goes into starvation mode, it receives a signal from the brain to reduce the rate of metabolism. As the metabolism slows down, the body starts burning calories that are equivalent to our intake. Weight loss is minimal in this phase since both calorie intake and calorie burn are in the same proportion. To fulfill the body’s required protein, the brain signals the body to eat up its own body muscle leading to low energy and weakness. At this juncture people generally give up dieting. During this period the body’s low metabolic rate reduces to burn fewer calories than before. Hence, the diet plan fails. Instead of losing weight, people tend to gain weight as low metabolism starts burning lesser calories.

Avoid reaching starvation mode while losing weight

Our diet plan helps avoid the starvation stage by encouraging your body use its fat stores to provide the necessary calories to maintain your metabolism in a metabolic stage.

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(Individual results may vary, diet plan must be followed for weight loss to take place, and a healthy diet must be adopted after the program to maintain weight loss.)